Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Joeffer Caoc Fall '13 Preview

This Thursday, is our MODERN MIX EVENT but also we will be featuring two Canadian Designers Fall 2013 Trunk Shows - Obakki and Joeffer Caoc. Joeffer will be in-store the entire day, so you will have a chance to preview his fall collection, and find out what his inspirations were. 

Never attended a trunk show before? Trunk Shows are set up to allow the customer to be their own buyer. As a store, we are not able to buy the entire collection, so there may be pieces that you love that we won't get for the store. This gives you a chance to order what you want, and you will receive the items in season. Trunk Shows are also great to preview what's to come for the next season. 

Preview Joeffer Caoc's Fall '13 Collection:

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