Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spring Essential: In-Home Wardrobe Therapy

Busy people need effective wardrobes that are complete, coordinated, versatile, and current in style. With Fisher & Company's Wardrobe Consultants expert eye and regard for your lifestyle, fashion type and budget, they will carefully assess your present wardrobe.

If struggling to put together an outfit is starting your days on the wrong foot, it's time for a fresh perspective, and some hands-on intervention from the experts!

3 Important Facts:
1. Most great dressers are made, not born.
2. Looking your best is an asset in business and in your social life.
3. Dressing well is a skill that you can learn quite quickly and pleasurably.

When it comes to building a fabulous wardrobe, we believe in quality over quantity. 
Fisher & Company Wardrobe Formula F&C+9=36
9 Key Pieces will create 36 different looks!

Start the New Season off right!

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