Friday, January 25, 2013

Spot On for Spring 2013

Michel Desjardins Spring 2013 Collection
ONLY available at Fisher & Company, in London, ON

Michel Desjardins has done it again, and boy did he nail it! Michel Desjardins Spring 2013 Collection was full of pleasant and glamorous surprises, starting with (a Fisher & Company personal favorite) the peplum top. The peplum style was the top of choice when it came to spring/summer weddings. A real treat is the peplum top with cap-sleeve (image on far right). Whether it was paired with the matching silk-shantung pencil skirt, or made a glamorous and elegant statement. Now of course what makes us stand out from the rest,  is showing you how to wear after the event. The peplum is a classic look, and a style you will continue to wear. Pair the silk-shantung peplum top with slim ankle pants, chic flats, and you now have the perfect spring day look. Regardless of the colour you choose (Michel Desjardins has an amazing selection of colour) pair the top with neutrals such as black, navy, navy, and white. Another choice? The pencil skirt. The peplum top will work with all prints. If you are going to wear it with a jacket or cardigan, we suggest crop style (so it doesn't interfere with the flare). Michel Desjardins also has a fabulous tweed for his spring. Michel Desjardins has a wonderful eye for colour, and fabrics. His collection is spot on for spring!

Michel Desjardins Spring 2013 Collection is in-store today, and tomorrow. 

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