Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What WE Can Do For You

Have you ever asked yourself - I have a closet full of clothing, but nothing to wear!

An F&C Stylist works with each client individually to show you how to combine your key existing pieces that already exist in your closet with new merchandise sourced by one of our stylists. Our focus being on silhouette, lifestyle, shape, and style. We will perform an analysis of your existing wardrobe, your profession, casual and social lifestyle, likes and dislikes, shopping habits, color choices and personal aesthetic. Based on the information we gather, we will advise you on how to avoid costly mistakes and build a wardrobe with a solid foundation.

We are firm believers in quality over quantity when it comes to building a solid wardrobe. It does not take a closet full of random pieces to create outfits. What will give you the endless options are the KEY ESSENTIALS.

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