Friday, September 27, 2013

How Celebrities WEAR

At Fisher & Company, we don't believe in dressing head to toe in one designer. We are all about mixing it up, because that is what style and fashion is all about. So we love when celebrities dress what we preach, and we especially love when they dress in the designers we carry in the store!
Hugo Boss & Rebecca Minkoff
Olivia Palermo was spotted wearing a classic gingham blouse from Hugo Boss and a black and white print skirt from Rebecca Minkoff. When you first look at the outfit you think it's from one designer.
Where in London, ON can you SHOP Hugo Boss and Rebecca Minkoff - Only at Fisher & Company
Rebecca Taylor
Olivia Palermo was snapped during New York Fashion Week wearing Rebecca Taylor tweed jacket and matching short. She added more texture with a long sleeve sequins top, and a metal belt.
Where in London, ON can you SHOP Rebecca Taylor - Only at Fisher & Company
A special thank you to all of our customers who attended our MODERN MIX FASHION SHOW last night!

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