Friday, March 22, 2013

Plan Your Perfect Wardrobe

Planning your perfect wardrobe is all about making the most of what you wear. Each season, we want you to build the perfect wardrobe. Whether that means starting from scratch, or adding on from the previous wardrobe. What are you coveting? What basics need replacing? Are there any long-term desirables you are still lusting for? This is the time to figure out what the game plan is for your spring wardrobe

One of the many mistakes we see women make when shopping, is they are not buying what they absolutely need, but they are buying what they absolutely love right now. At Fisher & Company we believe that what you wear should be in sync with how you live. For instance, if you are spending all week in the office, then majority of your wardrobe should be work appropriate. We are here to show you how to take the blazer from your power suit and make it weekend ready. Or for example how to get the most looks out of your favorite dress. It's all about finding the pieces you love and that complement how you live. 

Rag & Bone blazer available at Fisher & Company

Regardless of your lifestyle, every woman needs at least one blazer in their closet - no matter the season. 

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