Monday, February 4, 2013

Wardrobing 101

The KEY to wardrobing is purchasing items that have versatility and wear-ability. Think of a classic black coat, the colours works with everything, and it's an item you can dress up and down. Classic means "wear forever," and you should also consider investing in. Now what about a coat with a print or bold colour? Both    have the same versatility and wear-ability as a black coat...yes we even mean if the colour is a vibrant purple, or a leopard print! 

Heading to dinner or the theater? Wear the coat done up, add some statement jewelry such as a cuff, and a broach. This is a great time to wear that beautiful broach from your Great-Grandmother! 

How to dress the same coat down? We love how Olivia Palermo left her coat opened, and layered it with a black fur vest - but chose to wear it underneath. Pair it with your fave leather pant, jeans. or cargo pants. 

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