Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Rebecca Taylor

This Thursday is our Contemporary Event, so we thought it would
only make sense to feature some of our hot contemporary designers.
Today we are doing a feature on a new name at Fisher & Company:

Rebecca Taylor is not just a lifestyle...but a state of mind.
Urban, feminine, bold, kittenish, modern, chic, sexy, cool
and of course with a touch of sparkle! Rebecca Taylor's flirty,
modern, designs have inspired legions of loyal customers and
celebrity clients to indulge their feminine wiles. Her creativity and
energy pours into her collections with inspirational references ranging
from 60s and 70s music, art, and entertainment. She also has an obsessive
eye for detail and a sense of colour. Taylor's clothing flatters and enhances
the women who wear them, season after season. CHECK OUT REBECCA

Celebrities who love Rebecca Taylor

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